Setting Sail

As the leaves begin to think about changing, and the nights grow colder, the sunny days of the summer are slipping into memory.  I had the good fortune of taking the family to Florida this past July.  It was a crazy summer as my son graduated from High School and prepared to head off to college.  I was thankful to put together a few days where we could spend some time together as a family.  We  visited an extremely popular mouse in Orlando and then spent some time with our toes in the sand in Clearwater.  It’s creating memories like this that I hope my kids will take with them throughout life to use as armor against all the craziness they will undoubtedly encounter.

The gatherings on the beach at sunset were always amazing.   These were some of the most breathtaking sunsets I can recall.  On this particular evening, the sail boat you see above added a nice element to the scene.  I hope you like it.