A Lesson in Composition

As I was out a few days ago in this amazing fall season, I came across these beautiful trees in all their fall color splendor.  I couldn’t resist grabbing a shot, but there was the road.  I really didn’t want the road in the shot, but there was no denying where I was.  That being, along the road.  So I tried a few different compositions without the road in the shot and it simply wasn’t working.  Not only were the trees roadside, but they were on a hill and the light was coming in the uphill to downhill direction.  I walked up and down, got high and low, trying to get  the evergreen on the left, and it’s colorful neighbors too.  Other angles without the road cut off the bottoms of the trees because of the hill.   So ultimately, I just decided to go with it, and include the road. Cropping and cloning in photoshop also disrupted what I wanted in the image so again, in post, I embraced the road and left it in.  The old adage in composition is that it’s not what you include, but what you exclude from the shot.  I guess in this case I broke a rule, but happy I did in the long run.  Have a great day!!

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