The Last of the Fall Season


I was fortunate enough to get out one last time a few weeks ago, as the last of the fall leaves were turning and passing their peak colors.  It was a great little hike along the shoreline.  I purposely chose the shady side of the lake so I could shoot across and capture the last of the golden hour rays falling on the opposite shore.  This means I missed the sun as it sunk below the horizon because I was on the wrong side of the lake, but those are the choices we make as photographers. When we go out, we should have a plan, especially if time is short.  On this day, I got out of work at 4, and was on the trail by 4:45, but the sun was going down in about 20 minutes.  There are plenty of Apps out there that tell you where the sun will be and even how the shadows will fall, but if you’re fortunate to have lived in the same place for 20 plus years, you don’t need your phone to tell you where to go.  Have a great week all!!

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