A Ray of Light

Wow, it’s been along time. I can’t believe I haven’t posted in over a year. It’s amazing how so many things creep in and steal your attention. This time of year always brings me back to the blog however, because it is nearing the anniversary of when I started this endeavor. I’m a bit sentimental, plus I’m reminded of this because of the bill WordPress sends me for my automatic renewal, which arrived a few days ago. Not only that, but this is easily my favorite time of year to get out there and photograph the world. The trees are turning, and an early morning hike through the woods takes on a magical tone. I was out the other day and managed to grab this shot of a singular light shaft as it made its way through the trees. This time of year, the trees not only change color, but the sun is at nice low angles in the sky as well. With the leaves falling, the sun makes its way deep into the woods, under the canopy. It’s an amazing time to be a photographer. Make sure you find a moment to take it all in; you won’t regret it.

A Rainbow of Leaves


Do you like what I did there?  A rainbow of leaves?  It’s true.  If you look hard enough, and use your imagination just a little, you can see the entire ROY G BIV we all once learned about in science class.  Of course,  they were talking about rainbows there, and these leaves are not rainbows, but hopefully you see the artistic slant in all this.  People who see this bush, which has grown in my front yard for the last 20 years, are amazed by what it does in the fall.  Eventually, the leaves will all go to a bright yellow, but they don’t drop.  They just slowly loose their color, and get really thick for the winter.  The cool thing is that they progress through all these different colors first, and almost never in unison, so you wind up with this bizarre looking plant.  I can’t account for the flower in this picture, beyond the fact that it has been unseasonably mild this fall, and perhaps this poor guy got his seasons mixed up.  Sometimes people see one of my pictures of this bush and assume I’ve photoshopped the colors.  That sort of drives me nuts.  I’ll admit to using photoshop, but I don’t manufacture false images unless they are obviously so.  I’m more of the subtle enhancement kind of guy, and almost every picture gets a vignette.

For this picture, I got most of my bang out of the contrast slider in lightroom, and I did make the jump to photoshop for some sharpening, and curves adjustments in the channels.  Back in lightroom, I applied some more sharpening (not sure why) and I’ll admit hitting the vibrance slider a bit, but the base colors are all genuine;  I promise.  Fall continues to progress here in the northeast, but we continue to enjoy a mild run of days.  We have not seen a snow yet that has stuck, and by that I mean accumulate, or at least not melt on contact with the ground.  This has the skiers pulling their hair out, but most everyone else is pretty ok with it.  There have been some heavy frosts lately, and I’ve been fortunate enough to put a few hours together to get out and grab some shots of the frosty landscape.  I look forward to sharing them with you soon.  Have a great day!!!

Fall Colors, A No Brainer!!


Wow! The last few weeks here in the Northeast have brought color to a whole new level.  The leaves are all changing, and whatever it is that determines how bright and how varied the colors get, well it happened, and the trees are “on fire”.  Shooting in the fall is a no brainer.  Everywhere you look there are gorgeous pictures waiting to be taken.  It’s like a last gasp of nature before winter replaces all that color with the whites and greys we are so accustomed to here in the north.  There’s plenty of beauty in that as well, you just have to look a bit harder.  For this picture I had just finished some yard work, and the golden hour was in full swing.  So I put the lawn mower away, and went for a walk.   It couldn’t have been more perfect. I really liked how the low angle of the sun was causing the leaves to cast their own shadows on the tree behind them.  It’s funny how I had been planning to take a big hike to get some fall shots;  you know, pack a lunch, put on the Merrells, grab the backpack and such.  Then one of my favorite shots of the season was taken literally along the road in front of my own house. Who knew!!!

I hope your liking the blog so far.  I’m still trying to figure out a few things with the set up and choices.  It’s kind of like moving into a new house and you move the furniture around a bit to see how you like it best.  You can definitely consider this a site under construction, so don’t be surprised if you see some changes.  I hope to mix in some technical content from time to time too.  Let me know what you think.  More to come for sure, see Ya later!!