Well…Here We Go


Five years into the process and I’ve finally arrived.  My blog.  I guess I’m supposed to start off by saying “Hello World!!” or something cliché like that, but honestly, after all the trouble of figuring out how to do this, my only real thought is …”Well, Here we go!!” I look forward to meeting you all.  My blog will be about my journey though the world of photography and what inspires me. I consider myself a gearhead with a philosopher’s heart, I hope you’ll find something here worth your time and repeated attention.  I look forward to finding a host of like minded people who enjoy photography as much as I, and derive the same joy I do from it.  I’ll share my photography, and my philosophy along the way.   This is a hobby for me, so I won’t be plugging my trips to Iceland to bolster my portfolio anytime soon.  Though I admit that’s said with a tinge of jealousy for those who do.  I’m a practical guy with a day job, and if I ever have a spare $10,000 sitting around, I will probably spend it on a new roof rather than buying the Nikon 600mm f/4E.  Well..probably anyway. See Ya soon!!!

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