Winter is here…sort of


I suppose this post could have been named, “Header Image Fail”.  I tried to use this as my header image, but based on the layout of the elements in this picture, there was no way my theme would crop it without covering up the main subject.  Namely, the barn!!  I tried several ways to accomplish what I wanted, some cursing was involved, but ultimately, I changed the picture.  Technology!!!!

Upon raising the white flag to CSS, I decided to use this image for a post instead.  I would love to say that this is a scene from this year, but it is not.  It’s currently raining, and very green outside my window.  This is a shot from last winter.  It was late in the season, and a fairly warm morning, with a heavy fog on the winter’s blanket of snow.  Believe it or not, there is a nice little pond just beyond the barn, and some rolling hills, but none of that was visible on this particular morning.  I will shoot anything in fog.  It renders your subject in a most sublime setting, and I love the minimalistic profiles it creates of your subjects.  I especially love bare trees in the fog.  As I’ve said before, bare trees are probably my most favorite subject to shoot.  Put them in a foggy setting, and you’ve got a double whami.  It’s always fun to play around with your camera settings to get all different interpretations of the light.  Exposure value and white balance changes, even subtle ones, give your pictures a wide variation of looks that are ready either for the gallery wall, or the trash bin.  Remember though, don’t delete in the field!!  Take them home, and look at them on the computer screen, and learn what different settings did to the overall look of the image.   Long story made short, its fun to experiment, and since this is the digital age, there’s no worry about how much film you’re wasting.  Technology!!

Last, but by no means least, this is such a blessed and important time of year for so many faiths and beliefs, however you choose to celebrate the season, I wish you and those you love, all the best.  See you soon!!


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