Keep Back!!


So…what do you suppose is going on here?  I love telephone poles.  They’re like snow flakes in that no two are ever alike.  This one is thankfully NOT anywhere near my  house.  All these crazy wires, and what do you think those red things are?  Whichever utility company is in charge of this thing,  has it’s hands full.  I got nervous just waking under it.  It looks like a four alarm fire waiting to happen, but I couldn’t resist snapping a picture as I walked by.  It was face on to the sun, and really seemed to stand out against the blue sky. It’s apparent age seems pretty obvious.  Probably because no one wants to go near it to do an upgrade.

Anyway, I hope you like the shot.  I thought I would throw in a non-nature picture for a change.  I do love natural landscapes, but you’ll see a few travel and urban shots soon enough.  Today marks only 2 weeks for this young blog which still has so much more in the planning stage than in actual execution, but I wanted to take a moment and say “Hi” and “Thank You” to all who have subscribed and visited.  I can hardly believe the response with views from over a dozen countries on five continents and counting.  Queue the old adage on the  “Power of the Internet”!!  The ultimate goal of this blog was to begin sharing my images with the world, and connect with those who find the same passion about photography and life as I.  It has been very heartening to begin the realization of that dream over the past two weeks.  So see y’all soon!!

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