Now That’s a Load of Hay



I happened to be driving down the road when I noticed these haystacks, and they were too good to pass by without a picture, or two, or fifty.  It was the middle of the day, which is hardly the light you want to shoot anything, but you get what you get as they say.  I was further frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t get the compositions I wanted since I didn’t have permission to go on the farmer’s land.  So, I walked up and down the road a few times trying to get a larger global picture of this amazing site.  I did like the way the light was so patchy, and the big puffy clouds, although that gave me quite a challenge for proper exposure.  I pictured the farmer looking out his window at me while I was doing this and calling out to his wife, “Hey Honey, there’s another one of those photographers taking pictures of my hay!!  What an idiot!!”

Overall, I wasn’t sure about posting this picture.  I like it, but my confidence was not at 100% that it was good enough for the blog.  Ultimately, I slept on it, and decided to go ahead.  A few months ago I was doing the same thing about even starting the blog, but here I am.  A few inspirational reads, and I got past it.  Lack of confidence, and the fear it breeds, can be a paralyzing force.  Some of this is a good thing which helps keep us safe, but too much of it causes us to settle, and stunts our growth.  If you can channel that energy into something positive, and put the fear behind you so it no longer controls you; you’ll be a better person for the experience.   So whether you “know the triumph of high achievement or fail while daring grealty”, you move forward, and that’s the important thing.  I guess that’s true for everything in life not just photography.  Have a great day.

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